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Vancouver Island is home to some of the largest trees and most impressive old-growth forests in the world. Take a deep breath, smell the Fir and Cedarwood Essential Oils. It's like taking a walk through the forests that line our rugged coastal shores. Featuring Blackberry Seed Oil which helps add elasticity to skin and prevents the loss of moisture while the Bentonite Clay removes oil from the skin's surface to help clear pores.

Each bar of soap is approximately 3.75oz, and features a wave top design.

At Saltwest sustainability is paramount in all our production systems, our ocean mineral soaps are made using 2 of our by-products, “Salish Pure “ desalinated potable water + our magnesium rich ocean mineral concentrate, a by-product of the Flor de Sal flaked sea salt production.

There may be a slight variation in colour between batches of soap. 

Coastal Flora Bar Soap


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